Be an ambassador of joy, be good today and everyday.

Give children a helping hand that one day they're going to be champions.

Serve others to bring hope and joy.

Sponsor an orphan or comfort a broken heart, weary and scared with life

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This is to support the ongoing movement and protest against oppression of black people by the system in America and ...
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The Living Word

There's a still small voice, Always there to aid my choice. Wisdom's whispers soft but strong, Teaching me right from ...
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Big Deal

You pass off as no big deal Lots of splendid, gracious acts. Friends like you are rare indeed; That is ...
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Wake Up

She looks in the mirror, and what does she see? Something frail, broken, and unfree. She sees the pain swollen ...
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What if you can't go out? Let your imagination spread out. Sail merrily with the clouds. Keep aside all your ...
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A Letter To My Daughter

Dear Daughter,I want to tell you that, the day you were born, The sun shone a little brighter, And the ...
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A Life Well-Lived Recipe

Start off with faith and trust in God. Then add courage; you'll need a lot. Take a few dreams and ...
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They Don’t Know

They don't know, about struggling through the sleepless nights, anticipating that next big fight. About envisioning that same depressing sight, ...
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Find “YOU”

Find your soul, In your thoughts. Find your character, In your speech. Find your love, Through your actions. Find your mistakes, ...
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