I was following a particular live session on #Artinheart on Facebook last night, and their main discussion was the “90- day” rule. Does it really apply in this modern society we are in? It was quite a hot topic so to say, and the majority leaned on “no to 90- day” madness. I included!

I am not against the bible, but I am a realist apart from being spiritual and all. Yes, fornicating is sin, but so is jealousy, hatred, gossip something a majority of us like to do. In short what I am trying to say is, we sin in so many ways that are not sexual. Does that make you less of a sinner than whoever engages in sex before marriage?

Now back to the main topic; “90 – day rule”. Why would I wait a whole three months to have sex with a guy I would have smashed on day one? What difference is there? Is it sweeter after ninety days? Or it is just an idea in our heads that always ends up flopping? I don’t see the sense in it because personally, I would know who I’d want to smash on day one. Wait let me rephrase, in 10 minutes I know if you are a smash or a pass. Yes!

I know many will judge me based on the last paragraph, but engaging in sex should be a personal decision not dictated by family or religion or stupid unwritten rules by society. Have sex if you cannot handle sexual purity. I have been sexually pure for the longest myself, but then shit happened. We are human, we get horny and the current content spreading around is not doing any help. Don’t die lying to your own body😏

So ladies you are not cheap for having sex before the ninety days, and you are not “Mary mother of Jesus” for waiting either. Life is very individual. Live it how you imagine it. No one will make it out alive, so you might as well try and die a happy soul. And yes, also if you decide to wait and it gives you a sense of pride, don’t let people out here, I included, make you feel you should go on a sex spree to feel alive. Be you & happy ✌️


                                    Xoxo, Salama ❤️


Salama Grace

Hello my name is Salama. That is my maiden name that I am totally obsessed with and it's not that I don't like my first name Grace. I just think it has been overused. Anyways, I am a Communications person and a JKUAT Alumni. I still consider myself a student because learning really has no end. Plus I am yet to get my PhD that I hope to get before I am 35. I am an avid reader of mostly self-help, African fiction & memoir books. Before being invited to share this space, I used to write down my thoughts on my site, that I took down because I was going through some phase. So I am really glad this space allows me to showcase my writing mojo. Expect some haiku poetry because I am a rebel and poetry rules won't limit me, some advice nuggets - hoping they make sense to you, recipes and pretty much anything that tickles me to get down to writing. Enjoy my magic loves...:-)

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