Some days am ok,

Normal talks and out go’s,

Other days I keep to myself

And would like it to stay that way.

But most days I feel suffocated and all scared.


Trouble looming, I don’t have the courage to run,

Fighting my own battles, bottled up emotions,

Sun rays, later dusk,

Got through another day, all alone.

Patience, dear heart…


Locked rooms, tonight am drowning,

Screaming for help inside,

A feeling so overwhelming, driving me insane, leaving me mentally drained.

Can’t be strong for too long,

Am human too, not some repaired tool.


Sometimes all we want,

is a voice, more so you

To offer a loose embrace and speak through

”Hey you, holding the razor,

here’s to each of the efforts you always put,

the constant unique storms you go through,

A toast to life, another chance to be happy.

Rise up my dear, for we’re on the same page,

you, the strongest one between us…”


And dare you say am pretending,

for am an individual and so are you.

One that masks and the other that Inks down

Different things that we both go through


As I open my eyes, all  I see stained

on the glass by the mist from the morning dew,

You’re never alone, and this phase, shall pass too”




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