A Letter To My Daughter

Dear Daughter,I want to tell you that, the day you were born,

The sun shone a little brighter,

And the earth smelled a little sweeter.
I want to tell you that you are a blessing,
A fountain full of love and glitter.
I want you to know that you’ll be the reason I step into the gates of Jannah.
Because, babygirl , you are glad tidings.

Dead Daughter,
I want you to know that you’re beyond pricing,
That they should never define you by the shape of your lips or the percentage of fats in your hips.
I want you to hypnotize them with the blossom of your smile and the cheerfulness of your soul.
I want you to show them how your mind flows with infinite intellect beneath your Hijaab.

Dear Daughter,
When they try to convince you of how your faith oppresses you,
I want you to narrate to them of the stories of the Muslim heroines,
I want you to tell them of the whole chapter in the scripture named just after you,
I want you to make them see how your cover rebels unwanted customers who are just window shopping.
I want you to act like the empress you are because of the royalty of your belief.

Dear Daughter,
I want you to never bend or shrink for anybody,
That your bows should only be for your Creator,
And yeah, you should apologize for your mistakes but never for the grace of your femininity.
I want you to show up, to stand up, to speak up,
I want you to be the phenomenal woman you’re meant to be,
Full of tenderness and strength.

Dear Daughter,
I want you to know that i am your home,
You should never hesitate to display your scars to me,
For I promise I’ll kiss and adore each one of them,
I want you to know that it’s okay to be sad,
But I want you to know that I expect you to adjust your crown for you are not meant to stay in pieces.
I don’t want you to cry yourself to sleep,
When you can sleep to my weird lullabies of revenge to whoever dared make you cry.
I want you to know that there will always be some ice cream at the lower cabinet of our fridge, to soothe you if your heart ever aches.

Dear Daughter,
I want you to know that your essence is that of iron,
That you are strong in every single definition of the word,
I want you to never experience what giving up feels like,
I want you to hold on, to always go back to your safe place,
You know like the tides do to the shore no matter how many times they get sent away.
I want you to learn robustness from me just like I learnt it from my Mom.

Dear Daughter,
I want you to love and give your all,
But to always know your heart belongs to Allah,
I want you to plaster lilac smiles on the faces of the ones who gave up on joy.
I want you to attract positivity like the sweet nectar you are.
I want your delicate ears to only hear of love and laughter,
I want you to sway your soul under the glow of the full moon and let its unwavering power flow in your veins,
I want you to relate with the thunderstorm and to befriend the rainbows.

Dear Daughter,
I want you to be Happy,
I want you to lead a joyous life similitude to the butterflies in your heart,
And if anything or anyone ever threatens your ecstasy,
I want you to walk away, close your doors and never look back,
I want your biggest goal to be keeping your smile,
And I want it to be through your lord.

Dear Daughter,
I want you to fall in love,
I want you to know that fairytales and happy endings really do exist,
But there’s no Prince Charming always in sight
So I want you to always be your own knight.
I want you to not settle for less than a man who’d risk everything just to see you smile,
I want you to give him as much love, care and attention as you receive,
I want you to build a castle of pleasure and Imaan with him,
And if he ever makes you sad,
I want you to remind him that your mother won’t mind going to jail.

Dear Daughter,
I know I’ve already posed on you so many expectations,
But I want you to know that all I really want is for you to be YOU!

Dear Daughter,
I love you,
And I will always ❤️

Your Mother ❤️

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