Why is it

What we seek, seeks another

What we chase, runs further

Are we meant to go out for it?

Or we stay and let it

Look for us, Find us


Is it that we do it all wrong?

A place for prayer, we sing a song?

Everyone in a run

Searching for where they belong

How long

Before one tires and just rides along?


Sometimes it’s good

We fail to recognize it

Perhaps we are fools

We purposely sabotage it

Somebody get us tools

To correctly build it


Sometimes it’s bad

We cling, trying to keep it

Break us, to repair it

We often hear it’s not worth it

But does the heart listen?

When it yearns for it



We all seem to know about it

Yet nobody capable to untangle it


Simple but sophisticated

A blessing. A curse.

Fatma Omar Ali

A Writer- Poems and Short Articles A book-lover. An Introvert. A student in the school of life. Dar es salaam Tanzania Email: fettyoh@gmail.com

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