It’s Valentine day you know–just a short piece of writing as they do say ‘fupi lakini tamu’ I hope you will not feel blue though as I feel to toast for no Valentine day………..

Right now or the whole day,
She wish I was telling her lies,
On this Valentines day,
Besides, she like the way I lie,
Though I’m not a bad liar,
Laughing on the bottom of lies,
Stay as fuck as forever stories,
Not on single day cuddles!

Smile in the middle of something,
But ignoring the truth of everythingship,
And lured on epoch relationship trendy,
Puzzled with how we fall in love,
But not how we embrace to save a day,
Posting you on social media,
Embracing artistic words my dear?

Chill, I’m having my toast!

Going public ain’t wrong,
Just a pic on WhatsApp status,
Not a big deal though,
For whom? Them or us?
Everyday is pay day,
A call of duty for a daddy,
For her little cute brat lady,
Not on a single day cuddles!

Why they call me the Wordsmith, pretty?

Because posting and spilt reality,
Its something I’m gifted at,

Dinner date,

Candle light,

I thought you asked about gift too,

Ain’t planter saint pro,
‘Cause we will never grow!

Ooh  guys, is it Valentine day,

As Padre Valentine see-through,

Or having it  off (with) day,

New era, new meaning though,

Ain’t fond of one day thang,

Just having my toast buddy!










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PETER MMBAGA is the content and digital media consultant found in Dar es Salaam, a wordsmith with poetry pen name 'Mbasi', maybe you can call him 'jack of all trade' or 'writing savvy' in writing arena with his creative writings ranging from; newspaper features, copy writing, creative strategic planning, music composing, blogging, content marketing and poetry.  For him 'writing' is business and passion. Connect with him, Twitter @Mbasi  & Instagram @mbasiofficial

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