Feeling excited

And emerged up

Like really unbothered

Cause’ what’s up?


Life’s full of wonders

So I wander

Flowing down the calendar

Fiercely and tender


Live in the moment

Live today

No time for resentment

We move on, hey!


The past was for lessons

Today is going on

Tomorrow we’ll tag along

Set your vision on


You live just one life

So why not feel alive?

Pull out your drive

Don’t wait up to live


You got nothing to lose

It’s your life, you choose

Don’t listen to these fools

With their opinions on loose


They’ll say you not enough

Then say you’re too much

Pump you all up above

Then drag your name in the mud


Hold your head high

Put your crown on

The limit is the sky

You gotta climb on


You got a lot to offer

Do not settle

There’s so much you deserve

Without a battle


Live, laugh, love

Keep your head above

Cause so long as you move

Life has so much to prove

Fatma Omar Ali

A Writer- Poems and Short Articles A book-lover. An Introvert. A student in the school of life. Dar es salaam Tanzania Email:

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