Are you in the right place? let’s have the following talks so that you can scrutinize and note at least a point:


Financially speaking, are you in the right place? Do you own what you were supposed to own?  I know that you have been working hard to improve your potential. You have engaged in different business and commercial linkages. Through you, a lot of people have realised their economic and social growth. They have attained a noble position through the interconnectedness. Are you satisfied with what you gained through all that?


Socially speaking, are you in the right place? Amongst the factors I would mention for positioning of any individual in the society, would be the individual’s ability to interact with the surrounding people. Be it fellow workers, family members, school mates, religious companions and so on. Nevertheless you need to develop a sense of ‘let go’ to all your opponents. You can’t be lonely having no individual who’s against you. What I’m trying to state here is your relationship with people, regardless of agreement or disagreement. Learn to interact. Now, take a look to what you have harvested and what you have given to the society. After all you may answer my very basic question…. Are you in the right place?


Here is my home. I like romantic talks and every kind of stuffs related to it. Adults who luckily read this article must have had actually went through hard and ease, meandering and straight relationships during their pre marriage life. Others are still on it. Now, by examining your own journey from Jane to Ester, from Hassan Aboud to Abdulkarim, do you really deserve that? The consequence of any relationship you entered is earned continuously. Forget it, I guess you are in a relationship right now. Others are married. By referring to your annual goals during the beginning of the year are you in the right place? Maybe it ain’t my business, deal with it.


You may be spending a year on the things that worth only a minute. You may be hanging out with the people you should only work with. You may be in love with people that you should only make love with. You may be talking to people whom you should only write. Look for the right place where you significantly need to increase your participation, energy and time. Look for the right person who’s worth your time, attention, money and everything. Set your plans and go unveil what potentials you have.

At the end you will be able to answer my question with no hesitation. Are you in the right place?

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Elisha Nassary

History is a part of my story.

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