Author: Salama Grace

Hello my name is Salama. That is my maiden name that I am totally obsessed with and it's not that I don't like my first name Grace. I just think it has been overused. Anyways, I am a Communications person and a JKUAT Alumni. I still consider myself a student because learning really has no end. Plus I am yet to get my PhD that I hope to get before I am 35. I am an avid reader of mostly self-help, African fiction & memoir books. Before being invited to share this space, I used to write down my thoughts on my site, that I took down because I was going through some phase. So I am really glad this space allows me to showcase my writing mojo. Expect some haiku poetry because I am a rebel and poetry rules won't limit me, some advice nuggets - hoping they make sense to you, recipes and pretty much anything that tickles me to get down to writing. Enjoy my magic loves...:-)

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