Everyone wanted 2020 to be gone. We couldn’t wait to see the tail end of it. As if it was the cause of the misery that happened in it.

Strange. How are minutes and seconds at fault?
There isn’t much that is fun these days. Or promising. It is difficult to ignore the cloud of doom and despair hanging low in the horizon. Hard to exhale in delight and amazement at anything behind our masks.
It is quite easy to be influenced by the depressing news, the so called facts and whatever else that contributes to our demoralised spirits.

Or is it? The choice is ours. 2021 is more minutes and more seconds. Nothing has changed. It is up to us to decide how this year will turn out. It is a matter of perspective whatever happens.

Whatever happens we must bring our own sunshine. We must lift our own spirits. We must pave our own way. We must make the intention that we will not spread fear or doom or depressing videos.
2021 is here. Half a month old even. What have you done differently?

Najma Abdusheikh

I am a mother of three, born and bred in Mombasa. I write as a means of navigating through life's laughs and challenges. I see a better world for us but only if we believe ourselves worthy enough to work towards it. Find me on

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