Blessing From The Sky

Rainy Days oh how I miss thee

Little puddles, wet soil, dripping trees
Raincoats, brollies, hot cups of tea
Board games, word games with me and he

Rainy Days what hope you bring with thee
Of greener grass, cooler days spent with family
Around the ashaa mat, tales of courage and bravery

Rainy Days how we look forward to thee
When indoors becomes a clothesline
To dry our towels and our tees
Cooler climes- little kids with gololees
Playing on the mud, cute in their coloured wellies.

Rainy Days what cleansing you bring with thee
From the heat, the tempers, the drudgery
The smell of the earth, the droplets on the tree

Rainy Days what I love most about thee
Watching from my window so I may see
the waterdrops of blessings all for free
A favour, a boon from the Almighty.

Rainy Days when next will you visit
Blessings from the sky…. oh….
Rainy Days how I miss thee….

Najma Abdusheikh

I am a mother of three, born and bred in Mombasa. I write as a means of navigating through life's laughs and challenges. I see a better world for us but only if we believe ourselves worthy enough to work towards it. Find me on

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