Maybe you are drilled with a lot of staff in your head and one of them is how your professional turned you upside down and now you feel like giving the sky up, but always drew a line between your work role and your nonworking role.

Oh maybe your love of books helped you get good grades in school. Maybe when you were a kid you always took your toys apart to see how they work ‘Utundu wa utoto’ and somehow this interest led you into a profession in Computer science playing with computer operation and repairing or maybe you loved to watch Dexter’s Laboratory on cartoon network after seeing the short guy named Dexter. Doing some of mixing the chemicals and boom the love with science is build and now you go through the medical profession “WOW that’s amazing”

Then you were pegged in a Job description you stayed there, whether you planned your original career thoroughly and thoughtfully or just fell into a job after quitting school , somehow you ended up in a particular category. But you are much more than what is required to do that job or study that subject.

You are a whole of person with variety of interests and skills. You’re also constantly changing and growing, which means you probably have different skill and interest today than you had ten years ago. You also have the potential for future growth and with training could handle a lot of things you know nothing about right now.

Sometime I see that we fail to set steps on choosing career let’s do this if I count Exploring myself in a broad sense of term, this will help you and me to discover what market potential is. Taking some questionnaire about your job experience, education, interest and skill will probably give you a key note who you want to be and do.

During your questionnaire staff don’t forget to get some help from experts, family and good friend around you, either their feedback is good or bad just take it and write it down all of their perception will give you a good deed at the end.

Once you are done with the questionnaires completely go back and review your responses this will give you an opportunity know the course to go to in University and even find your game change career though unemployment is order of everyday planned B’ has to replaced it in any way.

To cope with life’s problems, you’ve got to care about yourself. To achieve goodness in anything you’ve to feel you are worth it. You re somebody, you deserve the piece of cake. So be good to yourself. Treat yourself with respect and accept your ability to cope with your problems. Give yourself every chance available to see yourself on a table of honors and remember to reward yourself for successful behavior.

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