Dear loneliness,

You’ve just walked away again and left me with this short period of fake happiness which I know will end very soon. You are the only one that seems to be staying for long but every time I have to let you go for these short blissful moments of my life.

Iknow I’ve done you wrong because I never give you a chance to stick around am always searching for happiness and company. This time after realizing that you are even more important than I thought I am asking you can we please be friends?

I want us to be friends so that you stay with me always, so that I can take you to the best of places and show you my world. I want you to stay in my mind so that I could show you the wilderness of my imagination. I want to show you the world that only you and me can survive in just me and my loneliness. I want you to get into my heart and make sure that it doesn’t break again.

So many are trying to show me that I am wrong taking you as a friend and I should probably choose them instead. They tell me that being with you makes me look gloomy and we do not look good together. But I am not choosing them because they usually leave me as soon as things start to look beautiful and the grass starts to look greener. I mean just the other day miss happiness and her child smile took off without even saying goodbye.

I don’t know if it’s something I said or did but they just left. I have realized that every friend of mine has a friend of their own so I want you my loneliness to be my one and only friend.

Do you remember not so long ago I had to leave you for that new girlfriend of mine? Well she left me for another guy, she said am no fun and I am complicated. But you never tell me those words you don’t treat me like litter that I deserve the bins, you don’t treat me like dirty laundry that people will despise because its disgusting.

You are always there whenever I need you and even when I don’t. you understand that I am just another book in the shelf and since everyone judges a book by its cover you told me that I do not have a cover and that no one will understand me unless they picked and read me.

My dear loneliness I know you are somewhere right now waiting for this one to leave too so that you can come back and take your place. But as you are thinking of that way please understand that I really wish for this one to last.

I really wish that this one is different from the others and she won’t treat me the same way the others did. I know you will come but please take a bit longer this time.

I know I do not strike you as a very strong man but believe me the strength lies within. The calm water runs very deep, the slim railway caries a giant train and a very small thorn could bring an elephant to its knees.

For me the battle for love has never been like that of David and Goliath but rather that of Samson and Delilah, I always lose in the end no matter how hard I fight.  But every time after my loss you are the one who come running and give me company.

I have come face to face with loneliness several times in the course of my life and all these times it’s never been a bad experience. The ups and downs of life are nothing without a taste of loneliness in it and I enjoy every single encounter with it. I enjoy it because it reminds me about everything that I am missing, everything that I have missed and it tells me how stupid I was to fall some lies. It shows me what I liked and make me realize what I don’t like so that I may avoid it next time when am in the same situation. So here I am asking loneliness can we please be friends?

Your friend

The guy who falls in love

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