Choose Your Tomorrow Today

Failure does not happen overnight
So when does it happen?

From the little decisions and little actions little moments that are not taken care of well Read more

Its the failure to make that phone call
The failure to say that thank you.
The failure to take care of that very tiny mistake you notice in the beginning
Failure to measure your progress
The failure to take that small step necessary to change your direction

Think about it, what SUNK the TITANIC 🚢 it hit an iceberg, correct, but what led to that? the failure to see it from a distance safe enough to change direction.
The crew left in a hurry and there were issues around forgetting that key to the place that had binoculars and so they relied on their eyes! Boom the rest is history !

If you choose to eat too much today you have chosen to weigh too much tomorrow ~Zig Ziglar

Choose your tomorrow today !

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