Humbleness is a noun used to describe a character of a Person. It is very diverse. Meaning, a Person who is humble shouldn’t be proud or arrogant but should be modest when he/she becomes successful. Humbleness also involves courteously respectful: For example, when he/she want to correct a person, a humble person is not supposed to use abusive language but should say -in my humble opinion you are wrong.

Ahumble Person is supposed to be a down-to-earth person, to lower in condition, importance and respect the dignity of matter the age color, tribe; nationality what I am trying to portray here is “NEVER LOOK DOWN UPON ANYONE”

For life is just like football among the players in the pitch during a game
Ask yourself one question…???.What special do you have not to be humble..

I confidently assure you that you have no answer….why do I say so???


  • If its riches where will you end up…the grave and leave all your riches on earth.
  • If it is beauty… ALLAH only looks at our deeds. So it’s of no use and who gave you the beauty anyway??Allah sub’hanahu wataaala..
  • If it’s your tribe look at our beloved prophet peace be upon him. He was from the best of tribe but we all know how humble he was…..


So why brag or look down upon anyone…sisters and brothers remember one thing in life whatever you have now may be taken away from you within a blink of an eye Allah can switch you off anytime He feels like. So instead of focusing on things which add no value to our relationship with Allah…lets always focus on what will bring us close to our LORD for I believe all of us wish to meet our beloved prophet in Jannah…

Being humble and kind is the only language the deaf can hear, dumb can speak and blind can see. How beautiful is this subhanallah…
Don’t let proud get up to your head always humble yourself..
Food for thought.

Inspiring scholar’s quote:

The true way to be humble is not to stoop until you are smaller than yourself, but to stand at your real height against some higher nature that will show you what the real smallness of your greatness is” 

For instance let’s look at a little child…..who looks at you with innocent eyes all that kid expects is attention or just a smile is enough…that’s a deed of kindness which is very simple…..always smile at anyone no matter what mood you are in you never know may be that’s the much that person has ever needed…u may lift someone from a grieving point without your knowledge. More so when anyone comes to you With his or her problem never put them aside help as much as you can if not material wise, Advice is enough concentration and paying attention may do him or her good…and as well put in mind that Allah has chosen you to be someone’s light what a great opportunity….

Love you all for the sake of Allah
Always be humble and kind it’s costless

If you are humble enough you can form a shed to all you come across in the world how great is that .May Allah grant us hearts to always be humble and kind even under provocation[Read more…]


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