Courage To Find Yourself

Losing yourself is such a surreal feeling.You can’t really explain it to others. You just know that something feels off. Like something just isn’t right, like you’re simply just not you.

We need to start realizing that there’s something missing and doing something about it and tuning out the voices in your head that tell you to just give up.

Because you know you’re out there somewhere, you just have to keep on searching and I’m on my way.
They may ask me, “Where to?”
Well, that I cannot say.For even I have no clue.

It’s rather far I know,For it has to make me whole.
The road to the stars,The path to my soul.
Should be going alone,But I’ll miss you all, believe me.
Travel into the unknown and sail the seas,All by myself.

You see, I have lost something of mine.
It’s special and grand.Magnificent in its design.
How I lost it is hard to understand.

What did I lose?Well…I’m not exactly sure.
Please, my confusion you must excuse…I just know I must find a cure.

Diagnosed with a terrible disease,The name of it escapes me.
But it stops your hair from blowing in the breeze.
It stops your heart from feeling free.
I think it’s called “Lack of Adventure,”But correct me if I’m wrong.That is why I must go on this venture,
For my very essence I must prolong.

It’s either I left my heart somewhere Or the part of me that believes.I’ll be back soon,I swear!
But for awhile, I have to leave.
I’m on my way and though I may not know where.
I cannot betray,For I know I’m somewhere out there.


Hassan Aboud

A nurse practitioner who has dedicated his life to serving humanity. He is afriend, humanitarian, mentor and a listener struggling to make his mind and heart work together to make the best Impact in society. Aboud is widely recognized for his selflessness,straight forward speaking-style and love. He loves to write and inspire people.He has Always seen a better world for mankind.

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