Dear Men

How do you feel when women cry because of something you’ve done to her,
I understand you are the one to say but remember her protector you are,
Her happiness is your responsibility as much as yours is hers
You got her when she was an innocent girl
Made her fall for you
Tried everything for her to be for you
And when you finally succeeded
You wanted her hidden
For you were afraid she would be taken
Even tho she assured you there was no need for you to be
And btw she found all these cute
No one ever made her belong before you let alone a dude.
You tie the knot
You make the oaths
People celebrate by slaughtering goats
You move in together
You see her flaws and she sees yours
She accepts yours but you try to change her
Problems develop from here
You start losing interest in her slowly.
She gets pregnant,gives birth but still she is lonely
Her body changes
Her eyes develop dark circles
She becomes less attractive .
You no longer find pleasure in looking at her,
You come home late
Dont ask her about her day
And you just hit the bed.
She is up all night
No one to help,
Shared responsibilities long forgotten
Slowly she goes into a dark life,questions her worth
And you get another,younger,more “beautiful ”
Leaving her destroyed. …

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