Dear Sisters

Dear sisters….

With a jerican In one hand and a cup in the other I tagged along my mum a single mother of seven as she broke her back working 25hrs a day, 8 days a week and 13 months a year she carried a basket heavily loaded with milk a jerican in her hand and a cup in the other, unfortunately she had no extra hand to wipe sweat off her face but that sweat made sure even when as a family of 9 we shared a quarter kg of meat it went down a treat and we never slept hungry (saa ingine tulkua tunakula ugali skuma Na harufu Ya nyama)

I watched as she was humiliated and physically assaulted by debtors and men with a high appetite to dominate.
I was around 10 when on one of our daily deliveries my mum was physically assaulted in my watch for every blow I felt the pain and for every tear she shed I shed another one for her, I stood there helpess for I couldn’t have even swat a fly, but raged in anger I went beyond boiling point I would have boiled an egg.

This incident is engraved at the back of my mind, I NEVER want to see any lady pass through that, it developed in my heart a soft spot for ladies. I vowed to respect and protect in anyway anywhere I can.
This has made me vulnerable at times, my heart’s been broken like the midnight end of a burning cigarette but the vow still goes unbroken.

This is for my sisters who never feel pretty enough, I whisper to you “you are beutiful” the one who’s going through a hard time like divorce, heartbreak etc surely after hardships comes ease, that too shall pass. To the one who feels helpless ” you never know how strong you are until being strong is your only option.” To the single mums struggling to raise kids on their own ” mob love” majority of the world leaders are from families where the mother was the father” (barrack Obama) that kid is going to change the world someday. For those struggling with weight, the world is got enough space, do your best, leave the rest.
For those who feel unloved and unappreciated ” you have been loved by the best don’t bother with rest” for those who feel like their other rib got sold in a butcher ” don’t worry your prince charming is on his way, good women are for good men, just better yourself he will come at the 11th hour”

In the words of martin Luther king .jr “even though you face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I have a dream that the rest of your life will be the best of your life” smile

For the married I pray you are told ” I hope you notice from the look In my eyes I’m gonna make things right for the rest of my life”

Hassan Hamza
Motivational speaker!

May Allah guide you!


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