They, have known generations of pain,

Inequality is their name,
Torn from mothers and cradles to their graves,
Lost in a maze.

They, have known generations of pain,
Lives lost on their veins,
Injections of venomous strains,
Lives born without ways.

They have known generations of pain,
Opportunities stripped from within,
Made to believe they ain’t no thing,
For the colour of their skin.

They, have known generations of pain,
Ancestors who turned on each other for what gain?
Plunder and plunder, they plundered the gains.

If one gets out they…
Feel themselves high and mighty on the plains,
Ain’t no high and mighty in this game,
Rigged from the beginning to favour not them.

Generations and generations of pain,
Bring out more and more pain,
So for generations and generations they loathed,
Misplaced loathe for each other.

As they beat and they hit their women they..
Only cause more and more pain,
From pain to pain,
All they know is pain.

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