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Many of us are usually set to think of biggest things. You dream and wish to have big and precious things but you normally don’t bother to stress your mind on small things. There is a natural behaviour developed in human mind of imagining the biggest future without caring how that big future is made and what makes it.

Let me take you back to the school time, back to the class or work environment for those who does intellectual works. I’m sorry if you are still in the process. ♥️ I am talking about Mathematics. Although I hate mathematics and I never did good in it but the fact is, Math amongst other things, it taught me how to give importance to small things or nothing at all. I learned about the importance of:

1. Nothing
2. A thing
3. Things and so on.
My teachers told me that zero (0), brackets, commas, dots and other marks have meaning and contribution to what we get at the end of calculations. Without it, we could have no 10,100,1000 and so on. Think of how ADDITION would give right answers without giving importance to zeros within calculations. Borrowing and adding zeros from and to a certain position, gives us the needed answers.

Here is my little story of today:
I woke up early in the morning, just to find out that bulbs aren’t functioning at my shop centre. I started checking the wall connection parts using my little knowledge on electric power but unfortunately I didn’t come up with what really was the problem. I decided that I should leave it for a while until I get free time to recheck. After lunch, I took some minutes thinking of what could have been a problem. After spending sometime I found out that rats did their work. They ate my wires and I repaired the small areas that were affected, lights went on. Rats are not as big as cats but they made me think, apart from that, they ate a small part of the electric wire but whole building went dark. Rats over a shop centre light system? A small bite over the whole electric system failure? How can we describe this? I saw a small bite on my electric wires and I gave it importance.

Let’s take a look on this:
How could it be if a constructor misplaced one block in a wall and wind blew? Just one block but the whole wall may fall down. There are things that may look meaningless but if we add value in them, give them importance, they may help or work for a lifetime.

A car is a collection of different small parts and systems that are connected together to stand as a car. The manufacturer gave importance to small things, small parts, small systems that served an important role in the manufacturing of that particular big system. Floods don’t just happen from nowhere. It is a long process. All these come out of what can be viewed as small but it has an important role.

Back to our social environment:
I once attended a school seminar that we teachers called by a psychologist. A specialist in educational psychology. Amongst other points, he insisted us on the selection and uses of school rules and regulations, together with class instructions to be followed by every student we have. He said that, the selection of tools for Note taking, that is an exercise book and pen should be done carefully. The colour of an ink pen should be blue and not black since colour has an impact in human brain and therefore it affects learning. Not only that but also the lines in the exercise books should be black. Many teachers and parents don’t give it importance. They may be unaware, they are not taught. Who will install these roots of knowledge into our educational curriculum? Do those In power know these small things can have a greater impact on student performance? I don’t know.
My experience in The University of Dodoma, Tanzania:
We were in the class one day, our Professor came in and started a lecture as usual. In the middle of the lecture, he stopped and ordered us to put everything aside except a pen. We did as he said. He distributed white plain papers to every one. After ensuring that everyone has a paper, he stood in front of the lecture room and asked everyone to write what he observed from the paper we received. I wrote how the paper was white all over without any line crossing over it. I thought I was the only one who did wrong out of my fellow students but it wasn’t. Everyone did as I did. We explained about the whiteness of the paper. Afterwards, our professor sent the feedback that we all got zero from the last quiz that had 2 marks. We were amazed and sad at once. In the next lecture he explained why this happened. He said, No one gave importance to the small black dot that was at the centre of every paper. We all concentrated on whiteness and ignored that small dot. That’s a secret of the quiz. I slapped myself.

I hope you got my point. Now I have a little question, did you give importance to a heart in the middle of second paragraph of my article? Keep your answer secret.
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Thank you!

Importance, small things

Elisha Nassary

History is a part of my story.

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