Honoring one’s parents

The first thing is that we all know that honoring one’s parents is an obligation, like prayer and fasting. Wonder how they want to obtain God’s pleasure by honoring their parents and how they want to leave their mothers and fathers praying. The best thing we can win in this world is to be righteous for our parents. This thing will enlighten our lives and benefit us in our afterlife. The mother or father did not say anything, but our Lord

sees everything and there is nothing wrong, neither good nor bad. Let us manage this verse: 🦋

He spent your Lord that you worship none but Him and dutiful to your parents either they reach you have old age, one or both do not say to them, F and Tnehrhma say two words gracious and lower wing of the humiliation of mercy, and say my Lord has decreed that you worship none small

and lower them the humiliation wing means Cuno weak Kdamn vinegary voice does not tactfully raise Haikou, Maan, I mean, do you see the treatment that you are dealing with your family? Now a day will come and you will have children and deal with the same treatment. The weight of an atom is not wasted by our Lord. Do not raise your strength and your loud voice in front of your parents. The devil is the one who wants you.
Why did we, God, create a mind not to think of the day you come to speak with your mothers or fathers? Think of the letter you want to speak, adjust the tone of your voice.

The devil will make you feel that your enemies have killed you and that they are old accuracy and they do not know anything like this. He will make your view of your family, I mean, you want to speak a normal conversation, but from your thinking between you and your situation when you go to talk with them, you will not find your situation other than your anger and insults. And you are convinced that your family is like this, and the day it becomes like this, because of the distance from God, you will feel everything that your family is talking about, and you will quit, and you will say. He said, “It is in our interest.” He said, on the contrary, they are harming us, and they are really in your interest. How do you say what your family did, and we, as Muslims, have a duty to honor our people,

but in the case of unity between Bern:

And if they strive to make you associate with me what you do not know of, do not attack them.

I mean, God forbid, if they order you to do something that pleases our Lord, there is no obedience to a creature in disobedience to the Creator

. One time, one of my friends was discussing with her and me, my mother, about her mother that she was in trouble and what she did not like, and she told the world about her. Now the

the girl has a difficult situation because she is talking about a girl The majority of mothers do not remember their children well, but they are making matters worse when the girl goes to talk together, her voice rises and nothing is resolved. On the contrary, the problem grows more and more. The right is on you. What do you do and what you do not have to speak with respect and in a low voice
? Your fathers are really unjust, so try to talk to me about the thing that is holding you back. For example, he is telling you about evil in front of the world. Go to the enemy with calmness and calmness, my mother, my father, my age. You, God, I am upset the day you do this or talk about this and so on…
Once, twice, and three times, try but to make you healthy and then make you angry with them throughout your life. You do not agree, God forbid, and think logically about what they are talking about, but oh, don’t let the
devil miss your words and beg you that all your family’s stories are wrong and you quit like this, you worked the devil and let your blood evaporate and you start crying

at one time, one of the sisters told me, my mother. and Gaah Ptdei Ali ok Aaamra you Try narrated together Fahmi reason Chauvet why downright Mo Aalfada or tamper uncle claiming you and if you really McCann Shi Bs is a heck accustomed claim q advise you to pray Deila all the imposition.

and the story of the righteousness of the parents’ violin income good Balrvqh and very much emotion Hale Haaveto In my eyes, for example, I did not let her go on a walk with my friends. She said to my friends: What is this complexity and what is this backward thinking? No one is left like this, where do you live, here the girl gets tired and looks at her face, hello, the devil, as if someone caught something a million lira 🥲
Good companionship, you will find someone who is devoted to honoring the parents. If she is harassed by her parents and talks to a companion, she will become a companion. You will be a gift. Tell your family, they will do it for you. If what you did not say and what you do, I swear to God that one of my friends, God willing, we once said that her mother is sick, he does not sleep all night, if she misses her mother and wants
Some of them may be present between the time her mother was cured, she, Dob, has been

sleeping for how many hours.. perfection is under . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .:arrow_down:

It is possible in our data that if her mother or father is ill, they will not tell you about your safety, do they look equal in your opinion? No, by God, they are not equal, neither in this world nor in the Hereafter. They will be equal to the fate of your family. We will support you after the Lord of the Worlds. No one in the world will love you as much as your family loves you, and no one will eat theirs, and no one will fear for you like they do not fear for you. The Uladtkn and Terpaatkn and Pradesh Abokn fatigue is actuation sake Iei_kin existence Haniyeh is not without a TGI hour negligence is not God allowed the Takhlukn Tendmo for each hour Mrguet without what Tbroo and Aldicken

storytelling directed to young people

you and the owner of your father, if your children best Kspkm, so eat earn your children). [20 ] What is

your role to work on behalf of your father, help with household expenses? How is the naughty and tried to reach you at this age? What are you waiting for until you help and be a bond when you grow up? He says, thank God, my upbringing in you has not been lost in the vain?!
Let your father be your friend. He is the one who will protect you afterward. God is the one who will advise you and guide you on the right path, and he will return you to goodness. And if the father is dead, the mother is also the same…

Now, this is a story directed to the dear girls ..:hearts:
Help, if possible, by doing the home cooking. Don’t be shy, even if God appears. Your mother is tired of you and our womb. After I gave birth to you, I am tired of raising you. It is not your turn. You stop by the side, run, and see what you started. You need to cook for us. You do the housework for us tomorrow. You need your daughter to help you and be your support and help. Sure, we all need to let your mother be your companion and the house of your secrets. Do not trust a companion other than your mother. She is the one who will educate you. She will support you in the right way and advise you. It is enough that you will not miss something that you did. The mother is very great, honest and a tender heart, even if your mother is a little angry. Oh my life, bear with the pressure that you did not see. On the contrary, be supportive and relieve us of laughter and joy with the simplest of things. Let us be proud of you and also say, “Praise be to God, I knew your Lord

But also, if your parents died, it does not mean that they are no longer in righteousness, no, quite the opposite, as long as you live and are taking a breath. I mean, you honor your parents in their graves until you/you die, here is over. You can no longer do anything after a long life for everyone.
Ok, Raneem, how do we want to honor our parents and their understanding? 

Abu Hurayrah may Allah be pleased with him, that the Messenger of Allah – peace be upon him – said: “If a man dies, his work except three: ongoing charity, or beneficial knowledge, or was born in favor of He calls for him.” Narrated by Al-Albani.

The first thing you would like to call them permanently, take out a charity for their soul, do an ongoing charity for their soul. How is it possible for an ongoing charity? This food is considered charity, but it is not ongoing, because it will end the ongoing charity, for example, you put down how many Qur’an, how many rugs are withdrawn, how many carpets are in one of the mosques, and the reward for it is very large, God willing, The most important thing is sincerity for the sake of God and asks forgiveness on our behalf, for example. I ask forgiveness from Almighty God for me and my parents. Also, I will give you an example of a prayer that the Lord freed my neck and my father’s neck from the fire. There are many

supplications for you and your uncle. For example, your father had a friend who would like to visit him, check him out and be reassured about him, and implement the will that he ordered you to, and if you know them, they did not like to do this thing or talk

About it, try to avoid it. ..:sunflower:

Oh God, grant us their righteousness and their satisfaction, Oh God, they are satisfied with us, Oh God, do not give them away except when they are completely satisfied with us, Oh God, help us to serve them as they should be upon us, Oh God, make us righteous and obedient to them 🤍

Oh God, Amen, Lord of the worlds,

praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon the best of prophets and messengers

Hassan Aboud

A nurse practitioner who has dedicated his life to serving humanity. He is afriend, humanitarian, mentor and a listener struggling to make his mind and heart work together to make the best Impact in society. Aboud is widely recognized for his selflessness,straight forward speaking-style and love. He loves to write and inspire people.He has Always seen a better world for mankind.

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