Silent chaos , and ladder-less pits,

Darkness engulfing all around me,

As I urge myself to inch forward,

With calculated yet unsteady steps,

Oh, the funny irony,

I’m dreading my destination,

But hopeful for the journey.

I try to imagine my future,

But it’s nothing but a blank white,

A direct contrast of my environ,

My breathing is getting abnormal,

And the beating of my heart frightens,

My face is getting darker,

And my lungs are humming in silence,

My eyes are running dry,

And my back carries..

The weight of my sins.

And my souls swims in shadows,

Out of my grip.

Suddenly… there’s some light,

A glow, an almost invitation.

Hope, is my new motivation,

And my goal is quite clear,

To reach out to the light,

And breathe in it,

Little did I know,

The light is Him,

His acceptance and forgiveness,

I hold out my consumed soul unto him,

And no matter how hideous it looks,

He accepts it nonetheless,

And His Noor purified it,

How did I ever lose hope,

When I have Al Muhaymin,

Who guides my steps,

Who is also Al Hafeedh,

And Has my back.

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