How Can This Be Justified

I’m really curious as to how an Imam Said Rageah could stand in the best place on earth (Masjid) on the best day of the week (Friday) and deliver one of the best sermons (khutbah) while making one of the worst and most inaccurate and grotesque assertions about African Americans?

To speak about African Americans like this is blatant racism & prejudice.
The Khutbah is meant to be uplifting not demonizing a whole race of people.
African Americans have made great contributions to the growth of Islam in the US

How can you justify this speech?

1. He said “All of them (African Americans) or most of them were the product of (a) one night stand.” No statistics support this generalization
2. This plagues the West in general
3. He mentions an African American Muslim to prove his point
4. “Most don’t know their fathers.” What statistics support this?

5. Why debase African Americans to a different community when prejudice already exists?
6. This is a public video on YouTube that should be corrected
7. Muslims cannot appear complacent with racism or prejudice
8. Not condemning public prejudice feeds the narrative promoted by Islamophobes that Islam demeans African Americans
9. The words are wrong and so is his example
10. It’s easy to say: “This plagues the West or many communities”

Incidents like this identifies “cultish” behaviour

Hassan Aboud

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