How COMPASSION raised me from nothing to something.

Elisha with a friend during his sponsorship time.

‘Hello Elisha’
‘Yes, who’s this?’
‘I’m Godlove,from Mulala Student Centre’
‘Good evening sir, I found your missed call but I was in the classroom so I couldn’t make it’
‘Forget it. I was just informing you that you are unfortunately out of Program since you recently turned 22. Following this, we can’t be paying for your studies or any other service under Compassion Tanzania. But we are thankful that you have grown into a full and well mannered person in the name of Jesus Christ. We kindly wish you all the best. For more information, you can phone me later or come directly to our local office’
‘Thank you’
It was the last informative call that I received from Godlove, my instructor at our centre. I was having a late break from a very busy day which had a lot of tasks in the University of Dodoma. These were bad News but no way out, I had to receive them in peace and an open heart. It was weekend already so I only had assignments that were to be covered during this time. I found it to be a favourite time to review my journey with Compassion Tanzania. So here is my little throw back:
I am the last born in the wide family of sons and daughters. My father is Isack and my mother was named Apaifura. The story begins where God gives her a boy named Elisha but she can’t stay longer enough to witness a healthier growth of his son in their house. It’s only a few weeks after giving birth, she hasn’t completely recovered but she has to depart after a long journey of harassment and torture. My mother leaves her house with tiredness. She terminates her perseverance and wants to find an asylum but unfortunately, nowhere to go except to her beloved mother whose mental health isn’t good though she understands. So, we begin a new life which we actually have no even a sketch of how it could be. I survive a dangerous and unhealthy life from crawling to walking on my own feet. There it comes a moment where a Churchly managed program is looking for children to sponsor. This program covers only in my village of origin, Mulala. As my father hears the news, he send his last daughter (my sister) for registration but meanwhile, my mother comes to these news too and feels like it was her opportunity. She goes down there to test the possibility of registering her baby boy instead of the fore sent daughter who is already over aged. She explains the situation to the program managers and she is lucky as the gap between her and my father widens. Then I am fortunately registered at Mulala Student Centre (Tz810).
At this time, I am a little boy so my mother have to prepare me on every Saturday and escort me to the near village where the centre is located. After the program, she is also needed to come back for me. Days go on, years are numbered, my primary education is the first priority as they pay for me. Being a primary school pupil is pretty good in our poor village since no one throws an eye on your development in school except your teachers. It isn’t irresponsibility but my mother never got a chance to school so she can’t even read or write.
From this program I am now getting extracurricular activities and recreational trips but more importantly, I get some friends with different statuses among others. All these are guided under The Word of GOD. We can’t start or end any part of the program without inviting God in our doings. This develops a behaviour of praying, a behaviour of honest, a behaviour of Kindness, a behaviour of reading THE HOLY BIBLE, a behaviour of cleanliness among others. One more thing, I am now assured of having one beautiful meal per week since meals at home aren’t predictable, getting and missing something to eat over a day is a normal thing.
It is not only my first time on a Bus but also my first time to visit a tourist national park. A group of children entering Mikumi National Park, Arusha National park, Manyara National Park, Nyumba ya Mungu Waterfalls and many other places includes Elisha. I become among few children in our village who have seen an elephant, a lion, giraffe, gazelle, ostrich, hippo, and others with their naked eyes. What’s great than this! What a heroic achievement! I have a story to tell my home friends now haha!
Time has gone, I successfully pass my primary education exams. I am selected to join a ward school, Songoro Secondary School. My tuition fees aren’t bigger but I can’t cover so Compassion plays a part here. On the other hand, I am now aware that Michael and Debra Wright are my life friends in Jesus. They are my sponsors, a husband and wife from America. We are assigned to write Greetings letter to our friends after every particular time.(I happily remember that birthday gifts that you were sending me every year. May God bless you my lovely friends, Amen). It is a remarkable joyful moment because on every October, I could buy some clothes, food stuffs and more to brighten my birthday.
My school fees, meals and many more were covered by the people who I have never physically met. What a blessing! Compassion has done and completed a big part in my life. This history is a part of my life story. You guys have made history to me though I cut the story short.
I’ve grown into a full Christian and a believer of Jesus Christ who is risen. I can now tell who Jesus is and where he has brought me from through Compassion Tanzania. I don’t know where I could have been without this Godly thing. Maybe you don’t realize the world you are saving but I can assure you one thing, a saving hand never goes barely. May God grant his people with eternal life, Amen.
Returning favour is my dream.
I wish you all good luck in your journey of releasing children from poverty.
Proverbs 3:1-10

Elisha Nassary

History is a part of my story.


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