How could you describe a wise person?

Thanks to our ancestors and Ancient Philosophers in particular. They did both great and remarkable work leaving us with a plenty of words to express things, places and people. The words of which we combine and get a lot of phrases with distinction. I am not trying to act as a Linguist here haha! Kudos to our late Plato, Socrates, and many many others.

They also role played on how to apply meanings on those given words and phrases. Let’s get to the point.

While having bundles of words on your head, lexicon of different languages cemented and hardwired into your brain, how could you describe A WISE PERSON?

Is it so hard to select a portion of words from your bundles and attempt my question? Maybe I am not convincing you now, let me confuse you:

Can we call the one who leave everything completely done a wise person?

Is it the one who never mind other people’s business?

Is it the one who’s silent and keeps his mouth shut on everything that doesn’t matter?

Is it the one who knows and talks about everything?

Is it the tallest/shortest, white/black one?

The one with the most high grades in his school time?

Is wisdom measured by individual’s acceptance in public?

Does wisdom have anything to do with gender? Absolutely NO!

The wise person isn’t defined by his appearance; colour, race, religion, height, or other characters related to the fore mentioned.

To sum up my thoughts, a wise person is the one with abilities of knowing where to say a word and where to wave hands, where to show himself and where not, who deserves a reply and who doesn’t. Who deserves a shout and who deserves a node. A wise person is capable of doing and saying things in a right place,at the right time. Got my point, then how could you describe a wise person?

I am not blowing a whistle for further arguments, let’s find wisdom to get everything done. After all, have you brought any Bible with you? I request King Solomon as your role model.


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Elisha Nassary

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