How I wish I still believe in Santa

Well, this year has been such a rollercoaster… I didn’t even realised that it was almost 2020… Not until yesterday when I attended my niece and nephew’s Christmas party which was organised by their school.

The joy and happiness in the faces of the children made me wished I still belief /had faith in santa clause- (father Christmas).

But in reality I stopped believing long time ago when I realized that most of our problems can not be wished away through believe in something which is not real but rather through action in what we can see.

So..have been quite busy this week that I didn’t come up any good article but hopefully next Monday it will be great… Just keep reading..

For now , Merry Christmas to all the believers and non- believers… Because it’s a reminder that we are heading towards a new year and we need to start working on our resolutions and areas that we want to see change…

Be the change that you want to see by working hard towards that which you want…

Thanks for reading, till next Monday.

Nancy Ongom

I am Nancy Ongom a lawyer from Uganda and so passionate about Human Rights, SRHR ( sexual Reproductive Health and Rights) issues and generally change making. Making a simple effort everyday to create positive change in people's lives. I love to write and inspire people on my blog @nancy Ongom, Facebook page, and YouTube channel. To be updated... For now letswrite.

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