It might be a little thing to give that they will appreciate it, as they will not demand big things but only a little gift will suffice as they gave it all without expecting being paid back. This is to say, we need people around us just to tell us how they love us, appreciate us and be able to stand with us in all ups and downs. The people who will trust them wholeheartedly, with all our minds of no doubt.

No one has to be believed living alone without others, always people around us make us in all ways beng from the families, schools and Churches or Mosques, they can make us either being good or bad. Though with all people around us, we can learn to appreciate them because they are all there to teach us something that to live with other people and other and others while the so called ‘good’ people will learn from them good habits and morals of respecting, loving and appreciating one another, again the so called ‘bad’ people will learn from them how to endure their evil habits and actions, by changing them into good ones, once we readily appreciating them while chaging them into constructive habits on our ways.

All people around us, once appreciated and felt they are loving, we will explore the world of happiness, peace and harmony. Appreciating people by telling them, we love them, it’s too precious to be felt about in contrary we might take it for granted they will always come and go or ‘dead and gone’ without telling them how much they are too precious to us – that will be the gravest mistake in our lives-. Every one of us has something unique where we can learn from each other and appreciate each other. It might be a relationship that does not work properly or you were offended by your partner in business and ran with all your money borrowed to invest in your business or someone hurt you to the extent of not forgetting and forgiving. Remember, deep inside you, there must be something you learnt from them, and that’s the thing you must love and appreciate him/her because you got such a knowledge and skill, to handle other matters perfectly later in future.

Let’s not wait until it is over that someone has gone far away from our sights where we can not communicate, see, touch or felt their presence; appreciating and cherishing what they did to us the time we have them, will be the very happiest moment ever in our lives. We all have chances to make good memories to ourselves, the memories that will live in our hearts and mind forever, even once we have passed away from the world.

There is no point of hating anyone, because always the hater, hurts himself than the one who is hated because the hated will move on with his life, its better to forgive and forget while on rebuilding the broken relationship shortly ;”Hate is the Shameful Act of the Coward.” We can sprout good feelings through loving and appreciating one another, by saying it today and not later or tomorrow, because tomorrow is hanging there and we are not so sure when will it fall for us to catch.

We all feel proud once we felt we are loved and appreciated by our closet person we trust and believe. Love without expecting being loved back, because will freely up your mind, to give it all without expecting nothing from the ones we love though it hard but we can learn and try. Once we give unknowingly with the genuine intention of building good, peace and harmonious relationships among us, reciprocally we will receive the love and appreciation we wanted. Have you ever asked yourself about the Mother’s love to her daughter? What such unconditional love, pure love from the soul, heart and mind!!!!! She loves without expecting being loved back while automatically she receives the same or more love from her daughter.

Again, don’t wait until the clock stops tickling to speak it out to your loved ones being your Father, Mother, Sisters, Brothers, Sons & Daughters and other people around us that we love them and appreciate them with all things they have done to us whether being good or bad – it’s a guilt that you will never endure for the rest of your life. Be open to your Mom or Daddy before they pass away, show them you love them and appreciating them, and you mean it. Let them know openly that you love them, appreciate them, let them be proud that they are loved, eventually you will enjoy the best thing in life ‘peace of mind’, the same or even more of the love that you gave and show them.


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