I Almost Changed Yesterday

I almost changed yesterday.Because of what people do and say to me every single day.

I know am not perfect and at times apologies I delay
But it’s on time when it’s done to me just so that the one I love sleeps while feeling okay.
But what bout me?
Who really has sleepless nights wondering what they did and
Who says sorry for things done by me and to me.

I have been used, misused and indirectly verbally abused
I have been emotionally tortured
In the name of being nurtured
I have been taken for granted
In the name of being needed

My feelings have been taken for a rollercoaster ride
That every part of my heart started to slowly die.

I almost changed yesterday,
Pain almost turned me into a person am not
Or maybe it has already
Because deep down their is an evil voice offlate
And to this new feeling it perfectly relates
I embraced it yesterday morning and by the evening the inside of me had full hate.

I almost changed yesterday,
But I reminded me that I do it for whose sake
And that whatever I give I do it without regret
And to the outcome turn blind and deaf
I wont change for anyone

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