If I Were to Describe A Friend

If i were to describe a friend,it would be everything you weren’t.
Too close to my heart i wish you werent
The dreams to stick together i remember were reccurent
Every bit of memory i wish i could burn it.

I was so dependant on “us”
That it was your say that mattered
Its your thought that i always uttered.
To me you came first….. Everyone around me adviced
To not give my all incase it wouldnt survive
I would pounce immediately as i defend
Because i was sure you were different and on you i would always depend. Indeed the world is round
Whatever goes around comes back around
I dont wish bad for you..please dont get me wrong
I just believe in justice
Am More of a give and take kind of person
So from another i hope you will take what you gave.

I hit rock bottom
I never thought i would get through this sane and happy
Everything happened so fast and before i could absorb it had already gotten to me
The damage was caused big time
And i knew the effect would be there for a long time. “Oh my poor soul,”i finally spoke
“You did this to yourself the day you gave another person the power to control your heart
The day you decided to love another when its you had to love
The day when you put up with all the bad that was thrown your way
It was on that day…my poor soul
Only if ….only if you came first it wouldnt have hurt as such
Am sorry to say you were in a rush.”
“I havent yet finished so shush
Hush my poor soul..because we got each other.” Immediately i promised to move on
And to never go back
To not turn my head however hard
To turn a blind eye however clear
To give a deaf ear however audible
And to never cry for a person who didnt deserve my tears.

Its sad i failed to see the support system that was there around me
The One above who helped me heal
My family that got me even if we beefed
And the special one who stood me up right after i tripped.
A true definition of a wasted energy
Which i dont regret.
If i were given a chance to go back in time
I would still do it in a heartbeat
Because its from this lesson am where i am
And more human.
If i were to describe a friend,i would say it was everything i was for you alone.

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