If Longing Makes Me Weak,Then Fine,So Be I

Screw it all!
Screw all the “strong girl” acts,
I want to scream, claw and run around,
Confessing to the everyone but you,
How insanely much I missed you,
I miss your long good morning texts,
That would brighten up my day,
I miss passing time talking to you for hours,
And telling you every single activity of my day,
I miss complaining to you,
About the silliest of things,
Knowing you won’t judge,
But you’d rather comfort,
I miss hearing you say I Love You,
Hundreds of times in a day,
I miss how every single time,
It felt so new and so real,
I miss your husky voice,
The medicine to my every ache,
I miss your constant care,
Well… I miss your tears too.
I miss your fragrance,
I halt every time I smell a perfume like yours lingering in the streets.

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