The title ‘Indoctrinated or Brainwashed?’ pose itself as question same as what I would explain here on conspectus. So it’s better  you sum up by yourself………..!


Too good to be true,

Too perfect can’t screw,

Too holly for ‘sorry’,

The vice virgin Mary,

Hello sis!


You’re Deputy Jesus,

Assistant Moh’d to us,

Saint with no past,

Sinner with no future,

Whatsap bro!


Religion as a concord agenda,

Roadway to Paradises’ parapanda,

But now it’s a spot light,

Pastors’ of prosperity,

Full of A-lists’ propaganda,

But its supposed to be a defender?

Hey elites!


Plaster saint and ravenous,

What ’bout truth, hope and peace,

And that TRUTH sacrifices,

Is to live no lie to Jah and humans,

Shalom believers!


Some political parties,

Or political stunts?

No critical arguments,

Democracy vs Democrazy,

Hello politicians!

Leading us where?


Defend defend everything,

Our code of conduct,

Rather ideology criticizing,

Green pamphlets is our song,

Hallo followers,

Where is the charter?


Your services oriented,

Or force machines created?

To defend their odds,

Hey Cops!

Professionalism is the sword,


What’s so dope,

Bou’ chronicles of Europe,

No environs scope,

As a  mastery to cope,

Howdy think tank!


Embracing personalities,

With empty talks,

To rein our destines,

Greetings system!

Where is internal blueprint?

#assistantmoh'd, #brainwashed, #deputyjesus, #indoctrinated, #plastersaint, #truth


PETER MMBAGA is the content and digital media consultant found in Dar es Salaam, a wordsmith with poetry pen name 'Mbasi', maybe you can call him 'jack of all trade' or 'writing savvy' in writing arena with his creative writings ranging from; newspaper features, copy writing, creative strategic planning, music composing, blogging, content marketing and poetry.  For him 'writing' is business and passion. Connect with him, Twitter @Mbasi  & Instagram @mbasiofficial

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