Is This Love?

How about you waking up to find breakfast ready?
How about you coming home in the evening and find already prepared supper?
They say love is blind,
But each time I bring you flowers,
Your eyes are dumb,
And each time I buy you new clothes
Your mouth is blinded,

How about writing you songs,
And hope your heart will sing along,
How about washing your clothes, iron them,
And still hope I can be your best mineral,
They say love is a journey,
We don’t need cars, planes, motorcycles,
We need each other

How about having you inside my fantasies?
Having you inside my dreams,
Well you have been my dream,
Having you inside my dreams will be a fulfillment of my dreams
They say dreams are valid,
Well I don’t know about fantasies,
But my mind thinks about us in the stars,
Because holidays in the states is just too normal,

How about me being your gym instructor?
I won’t let stress make you lose weight,
Exercises would do,
As we shape up our future,
I will be obviously happy having a boy with a figure, a shape,
Even without figures in the bank,
Two figures in the dark,
Having a dinner date,
And as the laymen say “tunakula story, na escort ya soda”
How about saying I love you,
Because that’s what I actually do.



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