Juz 7 Summary

Ayat: al-Ma’idah 82 – al-An’am 110, In surah-An’am, the message of Tawhid is highly emphasized and it contains its basic principles. It gives beautiful description of Allah ﷻ’s creative power. It criticizes Shirk and its manifestations. Basic topics discussed here are; oneness of Allah is the reality in this universe, Polytheism has no foundation and Allah ﷻ ‘s judgment will come and the truth will prevail.


Some Christians came closer to Islam and recognized the truth.

Prohibition against intoxicants, gambling and shirk.

Respect of the Ka’bah.

Rules against idolatry and about testimony.

Some miracles of Jesus.

How the teachings of Jesus were corrupted after his departure.

Allah ﷻ created the heaven and earth but the non-believers call others equal to Allah ﷻ.

Allah ﷻ ’s punishment came upon those who denied the truth.

On the Day of Judgment, the Mushrikin (polytheists) will admit their guilt.

Those who deny the Hereafter they are the real losers. Non-believers ridiculed Allah ﷻ ’s Prophets, but in the end the truth prevailed.

Nations were warned before. Allah ﷻ did try them in various ways.

Believers should be respected

Allah ﷻ is the Final judge and He will decide the destiny of the individuals or nations.

Allah ﷻ ’s majesty, power and might

Prophet Ibrahim’s arguments against Shirk.

Other Prophets also gave the message of Tawhid.

Allah ﷻ ’s revelation to His Prophets.

Allah ﷻ ’s signs in the creation.

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