Success, Failure

Leave no questions unanswered, a message to every beginner.

I hope you are comfortable with strange but lesson oriented talks. Then here we go. Let’s have a little constructive conversation which I bet you’ll like to hear not only today, everyday.

There are two trending and prominent songs named FAILURE and SUCCESS.They are twins, although not identical but they walk together. Their mostly known character is if you didn’t meet the one, you must have met the other one. If you are still in the process, surely on the way to meet them. In most cases, FAILURE shoes a way to SUCCESS. you see their LOVE? Haha! I can say they are “ANKWEPABO” (inevitable) at all.

You have spent a certain amount of time to reach where you are, with different approaches, something I can’t argue. It takes a bit of time to tear everything apart. What you don’t know is, there is a lot of people waiting for your decline. How do you guard and secure your Kingdom in which you have spent a lot of resources building and bringing it up?

Count every step you took to reach where you are right now, give it an importance and leave no questions unanswered. People should lack a reason to question your Success. I am not saying you stop working and deal with people, no.

Whenever you start a business, school, employment, or any other project which goes successfully, you inspire at least one person around you. With this, you have a secret duty of ensuring you don’t let them down. Make sure you give them a reason to begin whether from where you began or any other point leading to the fruitful end.

Every successful man open and close pages in life. Mind my words? Life is like a book, and perhaps a beautiful book with questions which should never be skipped. There you go, leave no questions unanswered. Attempt them with one heart knowing that there is imperfection which is solely a characteristic of every human being. Yes imperfection. By the way, I’m in the “Dibaji” page so we are all moving toward that lost twin baby “SUCCESS” after falling in love with “FAILURE” for a while.

Be a cheerful role model, be light, be optimistic to whatever positive things you do and LEAVE NO QUESTIONS UNANSWERED for you will be examined.

Failure, Inspiration, Success

Elisha Nassary

History is a part of my story.

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