Let Fear Be Your Guide

You almost didn’t read this artile,
You almost didn’t get this message that i believe will touch someone’s life.

You almost didn’t get this message not because i did not have it  But you almost didn’t get this message because of fear.

I was afraid of what if people don’t like it and afraid of what if the language I use is not classy.

Have been afraid to get embarrassed?
Afraid I was Until I learnt of what fear is.
Got the lesson that fear has two meanings
Either forget everything and run Or face everything and rise.

Had slept for long so I had to rise up
So i rose up and did this for you so that your story doesn’t become one of almost
Because almost doesn’t count.

Write your story,let it be ” I felt afraid but I did it anyway”For those who are afraid of being wrong reduce their chances of being right.

Let your story be that of Nelson Mandela who felt Afraid but hid in a mask of boldness.
Your narrative should be that of Martin Luther king junior he was afraid but the dream was more powerful so he dreamt or that of Muhammad Ali who was afraid but in that fear he still gathered courage to say ” I will be the champ of the world”.

Your story should be that of the shopkeeper in your neighborhood don’t you think he was afraid that he will not sell to anyone ?

That house you live in don’t you think the landlord was afraid.

I get it. The fear is real, as it should be. The answer isn’t to be unafraid but rather to feel the fear and do it anyway.For if you want to conquer fear don’t stay at home go and do something.




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