When the CURFEW and LOCK DOWN sets in and the country falls in a DEAD EVENING and NIGHT, all retreat INDOORS. No more CONGREGATIONAL PRAYERS in either mosques, temples, synagogues or churches. But ONE THING STANDS and inshaallah will NEVER STOP no matter what on mosque minarets: THE ADHAN.

ADHAN is an ANNOUNCEMENT of PRAYER which is called by Muadhin from the Church, Mosque door, balcony or minaret, FIVE TIMES a day calling Muslims for MANDATORY PRAYER SESSIONS. (Notice as I included ADHAN in CHURCHES although they have just refused to do it altogether) JEREMIAH 7:1-13. ADHAN is an APPEAL to all Muslims about THE TIME of five daily prayers and also for congregation prayers. No HALF AN HOUR passYes in the face of the Earth without the SOUND OF Adhan, whether in the HOSTILE Corona infested WUHAN, or the FAR WEST at the shores of Los Angeles in the United States of America. Africa in the middle with BEAUTIFUL MELODIOUS vocals of the Bilals of this world, or the FREEZING COLD EUROPE. The six months of SUNNY NORWAY not forgetting the ICE COLD ARCTIC and ANTARCTIC AREAS of the globe. The AMAZONS of the south America to the PUTIN’S TOWN in the broader Russian borders, the SOUNDS OF ADHAN is EVER CONTINUOUS every single minute in the 24 hours in a day regardless of the crazy different TIME ZONES.

The BEAUTIFUL ADHAN is not only an announcement for prayers but is, in fact, an OPEN INVITATION of non Muslims TO ISLAM five times daily THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. Adhan is equally the FIRST THING recited in the ears of a NEWBORN BABY, so that the baby knows and hears the REASON FOR it’s Genesis in life and also it’s often the first thing recited in a NEW HOME. Plainly, The Adhan is an INTEGRAL PART of a Muslim’s life wherever they are.

The FASCINATING MESSAGE of the Adhan is INTENSIFIED by the SKILLS of the person who recites it, the MORE BILALIOUS and clear the voice, the more POWERFUL will be the Adhan. The call to prayer Adhan TESTIFIES the ONENESS of Almighty Allah and AFFIRMS the PROPHETHOOD of Muhammad (SAW) and also HIGHLIGHTS the IMPORTANCE of five daily prayers.

Adhan is the REMINDER of what is IMPORTANT IN LIFE and for Muslims, ALLAH is the most IMPORTANT and GREATEST of all.

ON HEARING the Adhan Muslims must PUT ASIDE what occupies them at the moment and RESPOND TO THE CALL for the sake of Allah Almighty. Gathering on the call of Adhan is SYNONIMOUS WITH the Day of JUDGMENT when Allah Almighty will CALL PEOPLE TO RESURRECTION. So besides gathering in large groups for the prayer, we also REMEMBER the gathering of the Day of Judgment when EVERYTHING YOU DO shall come to a STANDSTILL, a perfect PRELUDE to the actual JUDGEMENT, when it will come CRYSTAL CLEAR how you DIVERTED Corona RELIEF FOOD to your RICH HOUSE and let the real BENEFICIARY DIE PAINFULLY for LACK of it. Please, kick up the VOLUMES OF THE ADHAN however, wherever. Am happy to be a Muslim.

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