Letter to my daughter hadeel

Allah’s timings are just the best, I wanna narrate to you my little princess هدولتي the best day of my life was when I received the news ‘YOU ARE GOING TO BE A MOM’  of non other than you my blessing sweetheart.

It was then when I broke the news to your daddy and guess what he could not concentrate at work but dropping texts expressing how he felt.

Our love for u was intense despite not even having a glimpse at you, then came first ultrasound where the doctor made us listen to your heartbeat awwwww this feeling was just unique that I felt like why ain’t u in my arms yet, the symbol of our love.

My anxiety to hold your tiny little body in my Arms grew, on the other side your dad already having dreams and plans of how he’s gonna give you the best life a dad could grant his child, me carrying you in my womb for nine Months where else your dad carrying you in his head for the rest of your life made me shed tears of joy and realise your are the strength of our marriage.

The nine months I carried you in my womb were just the best moments of our marriage, despite the morning sicknesses, sleepless nights, loss of appetite and heaviness I still loved you even more as days went on eargely waiting and praying for your safe arrival to this world.

Then came a memorable day where I carried you in my arm believe me dear your tiny cute innocent face made me feel blessed to have you, tears of joy flew in my eyes wherever I would look at you, the tiny little arms, feet you just a cutie pie sweetheart I couldn’t get away from you even for a minute.

When you gave me your first smile this even melted my heart awww soo cute, and the journey went on as days moved on and your started giggling saying ba-ba your dad was overwhelmed……. Continue reading 

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