Living A Happy Life

Are we born to suffer?Live a sad and depressing life?

We are facing a lot of unexpected and horrifyingly inhuman incidents daily,Am wondering how is it possible to be Happy? How can I attain inner peace?Why was I born?To suffer or to enjoy our lives?

Security, justice, and welfare are some of the basic needs which are partly the responsibility of the government and the authorities of the society and every individual ;For every human being to have a better and happier life.

I have been trying to live a happy life by living by the guidelines I have outlined below and it works:

Remembrance of Allah.

In order to find happiness and satisfaction, well need to talk to the creator of the world, the merciful Allah. Worshiping and praying to Allah is always recommended in times of hardships. — “O you who have faith! Take recourse in patience and prayer…” (2:153)

Since it will remind us of the One who is present all the time and we can rely on, no matter how big our problem is. So, this feeling of security will relieve our soul from any anxiety, and we will become happier and feel more at peace.

Halal Fun and Entertainment

To have a happier life,we need should balance our time between the activities that you do as your responsibility (e.g., your job, your housework, etc.) and the time that you need to rest and have fun – Try to divide your daily routine into four parts: one for supplicating to Allah, one for providing life expenses, one for keeping company with reliable and pure-hearted friends, and one part for enjoying from Halal fun

Enjoying from Halal fun is highly recommended in Islam. Since it is an opportunity to gather strength and energy to go back to our daily activities – The times of joy and cheerfulness are best opportunities for revitalizing body and soul.

As a result, we would become more satisfied and happy with our life.   

Some recommended fun activities in Islam are horse-riding, shooting, swimming, knitting, telling jokes, traveling —
Imam Ali (AS) said: “ In order to reach greatness, travel outside your homeland, since there are five advantages of it: ‘ relieving sadness, gaining money and knowledge, getting familiar with [other] lifestyles and having the chance to accompany with great figures”

Consider Your Health

Many of us don’t even think about this blessing, Our health is a blessing. When we lose it or find our physical strength not to be as before, then we realize how precious it was.

Let’s take care of our bodily health through having a healthy diet, eating less, observing personal hygiene, having enough sleep.

Enough and on-time sleep, strengthens the body,Sleep brings peace to the body, speaking brings peace to the soul, and silence brings peace to mind.

keeping a regular plan for visiting doctors and going for a checkup and keep in mind whoever conceals his/her illness from a doctor,has betrayed his/her body.

Be Kind

Positivity and kindness act like a boomerang. You spread the goodness and in return, receive goodness. When goodness resides in you,your heart finds assurance. But, when sin enters your soul,your heart becomes full of doubt and restlessness.

Usually,when we do a good thing,we feel better about ourselves, and that makes us happier with our life. We feel useful and as a result more hopeful.

Put Your Family First

Family is one of the places in which one can find his/her inner peace and feel happy and relaxed.This is one of the main reasons that marriage is so much recommended.

There is no dearer and more valuable foundation in Islam for Allah, other than marriage [and family].

It is because of this relaxing effect that it will have on both husband and wife. Talking to the spouse and sharing feelings with each other can relieve the soul from everyday stresses and misfortunes.

Watch Your Temper

Above all,being good-tempered and having a positive attitude toward other people is another characteristic that in the long run, will help us experience a happier life.

Being optimistic toward others, results in the peace of heart and decency of religion.

Sometimes, when we let go of grudges and empty our heart and mind from the anger and hatred we feel, we experience a feeling of blissful peace and relief.

We should know that the one who is good-tempered, will have a better and more decent life.

Also we should avoid some immoral behaviors such as lying, backbiting,Haram relationships…will bring us a life of positivity and peacefulness as truthfulness brings peace and lying brings stress and anxiety.

Hassan Aboud

A nurse practitioner who has dedicated his life to serving humanity. He is afriend, humanitarian, mentor and a listener struggling to make his mind and heart work together to make the best Impact in society. Aboud is widely recognized for his selflessness,straight forward speaking-style and love. He loves to write and inspire people.He has Always seen a better world for mankind.

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