All those theories, all those scientific breakthroughs, all those names of scientists,physicists,chemists, from the likes of Galileo Galilei the famous astronomer from Pisa who irritated the ancient  church by his theory and proof that the sun was rather stationary for it did not revolve nor did it rotate but the earth did, to the the finely explained relationship between current and voltages by Michael Faraday, to the gravity of Newton and Keppler proofs to the latter day scientists the Graham Bell to Steven Jobs and left not alone the explanation of relativity between the mass,speed and energy by Einstein. Am not here to remind you the names and laws or theories you learnt in your Science class but it happens am just thinking out loud, all these discoveries,theories and laws had one motive to explain and help understand nature and it’s associations. But i still think that all these scientists failed, and they failed us.

They failed to explain,put forth a theory that would govern all these love algorithm, cause the science of lovematics is as hard as is mathematics it self to some of us. It’s totally not understood why love that is supposed to give us laughter and happiness ends up giving us million reasons to cry,love meant to make us feel complete now makes us weak.

Those we love don’t love us and those who love us we don’t value their love.

Is it true love is a game of tears, why aren’t we tired of crying or is it that we need a scientific breakthrough like that of Penicillin in 1928 by Alexander Fleming, to help us solve this riddle the love algorithm.

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