The poem “I love who you are” was inspired by a man i fell in love with once upon a time.

They say no man is perfect, and yes no one is. But this man, was trying. He was trying to be the best version of himself for me. He was trying as much as he could to make me feel loved. And I did feel loved. I often told him how appreciative i was of his efforts.

I once came across a quote saying “There is no perfect man, but a trying man is everything”. I could immediately relate to this quote. And so, to honor his efforts, i wrote this poem dedicated to him.

I wrote this poem to let him know that despite his humanly shortcomings and flaws i appreciated him for his efforts and i loved him for that. I wanted him to feel secure with me. I wanted him to know that i get it, that “you can be flawed and still be worthy and lovable”. I wanted him to know that i see him for who he is and i love him for that. I wanted him to know that i saw a great future for him and us. I wanted him to know that his efforts will bring positive yields and i already loved the man he was becoming in advance.

But, as i am writting this, we are now separated. Life happened and the relationship turned out to be toxic for me. This good man lost it, as a result I lost it too. A series of hurtful and toxic events arose that I could not deal with. They were beyond the love that i had for him and the hopes and faith that I had for us.

I tried to be there for him, and us, to try fix what was broken, but it seemed not to be enough. And to protect my sanity, it had to end. But that’s a story for another day.

I hope he keeps trying, he beats his demons and become that person he aspires to be. As for me, i am still working on myself, trying to improve where i need to, fighting my demons and healing to become the woman i aspire to be.

I like this poem todate because i wrote it with a huge sense of affection and passion, but i no longer mean it for him. It’s just one of the poems i wrote, but one that stands out for me.

Poem- I love who you are

As i love who you are,
I love who you are to me.
The imperfect person you are,
Makes you just perfect for me.
You were created the way you are,
But you create a better man for me.
I can’t explain how amazing you are,
But you can see it’s reflection from me.
The man you are,
Inspires the woman in me.
I love who you are,
And I love who you are gonna be.


I love you

Fatma Omar Ali

A Writer- Poems and Short Articles A book-lover. An Introvert. A student in the school of life. Dar es salaam Tanzania Email:

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