“Mother’s piece of advice”

(This article is fictional and not based on real story/events… )

Feeling humiliated is not that bad, being ignored is bad but worst of all is being hated for who you are; the feeling that nobody loves or respect you for being you is the worse feeling ever and yet most of the time it is just mental. It is sometimes hard to imagine what hardships and sufferings can do to a person and the truth is that it can completely destroy a person.

Margaret’s daughter Blessings was a sweet little girl, bright and just like her name was meant to be a blessing to others and instill in others hope so says her mother before her unexpected death. Both of her parents died when she was still so young, abandoned by the relatives and left to continue surviving in a not so suitable conditions

Because of blessing’s sufferings, she viewed humans as horrible creatures; they would commit several atrocities , torture women, neglect widows, abandon organs to fend for themselves. The rich take advantage of the poor, they play favoritism when giving jobs and so much more.

Blessing’s childhood tortured and broke her; the neglect by the community and relatives Pierce her heart right through to her soul and the tragedies completely shuttered her dreams. Blessings had big dreams of a better and happier life but at 20 she couldn’t even bring herself to fall in love because she had totally lost faith in mankind.

Blessings was tired of living the same kind of life everyday and desperately needed things to change and in order to make her family’s life better, she needed to continue surviving, fighting and working hard. And surely Blessings’ anger was too much and needed to be locked away or dealt with somehow; it was the kind of anger that could swallow an entire planet if left uncheck or if it were in the DC universe and gifted with some super powers would be catastrophic.

Blessings then decided that it was time to lock away all her pain and sorrows and in doing so had to remember the only piece of advice that her mother gave her before her death. She said to herself, “Mother says there are locked rooms inside all women…, And so my child remember to wor hard no matter what comes your way and don’t ever give up on life”.

Blessings had no choice but to pretend to fit in. She created several locked doors inside her heart- the biggest was the door of grieve, hatred and anger. She knew that she had to lock all the darkness and hatred inside to continue living.

Life is unfair, life is miserable, fullof sorrows and bad luck sometimes and the only thing that remains is hope that tomorrow might be different. And Margaret’s Blessings can only hope that one day mankind will change their character and there will be a new and better world with less of whatever she had witnessed so far.

Nancy Ongom

I am Nancy Ongom a lawyer from Uganda and so passionate about Human Rights, SRHR ( sexual Reproductive Health and Rights) issues and generally change making. Making a simple effort everyday to create positive change in people's lives. I love to write and inspire people on my blog @nancy Ongom, Facebook page, and YouTube channel. To be updated... For now letswrite.

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