A lot of NOISE is in the air about MUSLIM LEADERSHIP in my country Kenya….. Oooh, God saves Kenya… It’s been for a long UNDER EXPERIMENTAL EXTINCTION. By DEFAULT the Muslim community has ALWAYS BEEN EXPECTED to lead the way in MORALITY, LEADERSHIP, and GENERAL ASPECTS of life. This is because THEIR SOURCE of LEGISLATION has been, and will always REMAIN DIVINE.

Those who have led by the HEAVENLY DECREE SUCCEEDED par adventure. They managed to LITERALLY ALLEVIATE POVERTY at a time which would be CLASSIFIED as very PRIMITIVE and with no TECHNOLOGICAL INSIGHT. They CALIBRATED THEIR FOCUS to the divine law and the FEAR OF GOD ALMIGHTY both in SECRET and PUBLIC. ZERO CORRUPTION and NO PREJUDICE. A lot of examples could be drawn but let me stop it there and ADJUST MY LENSES to the CHIEF KHADHI POSITION in CONTEST currently.

It’s ELICITING PUERILE adolescent TANTRUMS all over and what ANNOYS MOST is that we are PLAYING ALONG. At a time when we have REAL ISSUES to AGITATE ABOUT including Islamic INFRASTRUCTURAL REORGANISATION, our attention has been DIVERTED to a LESS IMPORTANT TRIBAL-CUM-RACIAL show of might, DAGGERS DRAWN and NASTY WRINKLES formed on DULL FACES, for a position less effective albeit based on PREVIOUS DISMAL PERFORMANCES by the past OCCUPANTS of the POSITION. AT THE RISK of being CRUCIFIED, One thing is clear: many are MISSING THE POINT here. We are KEPT TOO BUSY closing the less important lid when the BUCKET is SERIOUSLY OOZING from the bottom.

All this time, the SUPER SCHEMERS are CELEBRATING, seated on some LOFTY CHAIRS TOSSING BEER CANS and uncontrollably LAUGHING as they enjoy free CINEMA SHOW. Please, WORK ON YOUR PRIORITY… Muslims. Chief Kadhi’s position is NOT ALL WE NEED now that we have it despite the FLAWS in THAT OFFICE. Lower those RUNGUS and pick a WORTHY FIGHT.

The Prophet [SAW] said: “You will be keen for governorship but it will be regret and loss on the Day of Resurrection. What a good position it is when they are alive, but how miserable their state when they die (and leave it behind).”

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