My Little Angel,My Princess.

Writing this to you may be too early
Because you are a toddler, might find it hard to understand,
I adore you my princess,
I see innocence in your eyes, vibrance in your smile,
My angel, keep your innocence, cause one day you will need it,
And that sweet smile, let it never fade from your face,
When you come to understand the ways of the world,
It is what will keep you going,
I promise to teach you values that have long been forgotten,
Respect, love, humanity,
But there are things that you will learn on your own,
When that time comes, my angel,
That you feel like the weight of the whole world has been
Put on your shoulders,
When responsibilities become more than you can bear,
Let these words guide you,
You are beautiful, just like your mama,
You are strong, fearless and you have all it takes,
And you can have it all.
Keep that smile, make it brighter,
Its ok to cry, but when you are done,
Wipe those tears, fix your crown, and take on the world
You are a queen.

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