My Mood in every Picture

Picture carries our most beautiful memory bank that can’t be forgotten easily, many times I see the photographer doing their work and the way they enjoy to come with best picture that’s worth a thousand words I count a blessing over them.

Do you all remember when we were kids once a visitor come to your home the first thing is you welcome the ‘mgeni’ with the huge smile and then you start talking about the album on the shelf that has a lot of the family memories and now you take the album and start telling about each photo you open.

Back in the days photographer were taking pictures in a old way not as today, nothing like passing it on Light room or Photoshop they had to make sure the picture comes very clear black and white from Kodak camera ‘Hilarious’ .Things have changed now, technology amaze every one and now no one can refuse taking a pose, cheese the white flash come after telling you that it’s done.

And the photographer asks you what do you want to remove from the picture and you tell him/her to at least brush the face so its finals comes soft or you tell him to make sure so and so to not be seeing, which are all great.

Photograph has a huge number of fun all over the world ,that’s the reason we even choose the person to take you snap, Social media is our new album now that carries a million photos of you not like the way we did on the old form album, by the way Old is forever Gold.

My question is do all photographers know their value at their daily work, the answer maybe yes or no at the same time, and this can either be estimated in many ways of answering it, some are doing photographing seriously profession and for funny while the other side it’s just for funny and taking adventure ‘oh man all sides are great’.

You can be in any of the above but how are you making the best out of it. Photograph needs more skills can either be creativity, patience, concentration, strong network skills and team work to come with the best picture that can be shared universally.

The arrival of Smartphone camera has precipitated a new image culture in which photographs have assumed a fresh importance in our digital life, Explicitly the sharing of photographs on platform like Facebook, Instagram and tweeter where they are measured in likes , comment, retweets and riposting are all well monitored.
Social media platforms are made to expose what we are doing, who we are in a real sense and even to lie as well.

The all of this week I had to pass on YouTube learning photograph tricks and tutorial on my android phone I real tried but I ended up messing with time , Lol all the pictures I took came blind, maybe I should try another time.

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”
— Aaron Siskind

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