I just had a Twitter conversation about Christianity and going to church and all. So I am Christian and I have views about my relationship with God. Some may agree with it and some may not.

Going to church is part of the fellowship. We all know that God is a God of fellowship. Where two or three are gathered, He is among them. So yes you don’t have to be a member of a particular church for this to happen if you are not being spiritually stirred. If fellowship with your family at home is what gives you satisfaction, then do it. Christianity is not a building. It’s all about your relationship with God. Build an altar at some corner in your house where you spend time with your God.

Now that does not exempt you from giving. Tithing is a command and God is just asking for 10%, not more. Giving out more is out of your own free will in accordance to your faith. Giving out more in the name of sowing a seed without faith, is like wasting your money on senseless things. Don’t try to bribe God. He doesn’t work that way. Faith is the kingdom currency and without it, it is impossible to please God. No matter how much money you give in church.

Question on where you should give your tithe. If you choose to not be going to church, find a spiritual authority you are comfortable with and take your tithe. In as much as it is your relationship with God, we all need spiritual authority. Like you needed a teacher to know how to write☺️  Remember we might be age mates, but we are not Grace mates. Find an anointed servant of God and make them your spiritual authority and guidance. You can never know it all.

Now to the main debate about servants of God living lavish lives. Excuse me? Where in the Bible does it state that they should live mediocre or poverty stroked lives for them to be recognized as men and women of God? How do you expect them to preach abundance to you when they don’t know what abundance is in their own lives? It’s like me selling you biriani and I have never tasted it. It’s impossible. Where do you think they make their living if you expect them to be at your beck and call 24/7? They are humans with human needs. These are not the days of Elijah where God sends manna to feed his servants.

The tithe you give and the seeds you sow in faith are what keeps the church-going. It pays the bills and the employees, pastors included because that is the path they have been chosen to be in. Now you suggesting that they steal money still takes us back to the part where you want to bribe God. You give more than your faith can carry, blessings don’t come as expected and you blame the servants of God? No, you are the fool. Check your faith. Don’t give more than 10% if your faith is not strong to carry you. Be a smart Christian. God is not a God to the fools.


Xoxo, Salama ❤️




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Hello my name is Salama. That is my maiden name that I am totally obsessed with and it's not that I don't like my first name Grace. I just think it has been overused. Anyways, I am a Communications person and a JKUAT Alumni. I still consider myself a student because learning really has no end. Plus I am yet to get my PhD that I hope to get before I am 35. I am an avid reader of mostly self-help, African fiction & memoir books. Before being invited to share this space, I used to write down my thoughts on my site, that I took down because I was going through some phase. So I am really glad this space allows me to showcase my writing mojo. Expect some haiku poetry because I am a rebel and poetry rules won't limit me, some advice nuggets - hoping they make sense to you, recipes and pretty much anything that tickles me to get down to writing. Enjoy my magic loves...:-)

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