My top crisis on infinite Earths moments

So after taking a long Christmas break from everything including writing… I finally ended the long break by bing watching all the arrowverse latest season and including all five parts of crisis on Infinite Earths.

So here are my top crisis moments.

1. Jon Carter’s Lex Luthor making himself a paragon… It was so worth it… It was a nice move making him return and even made Supergirl season alot better.

2. Baby John interrupting the monitors… It was kinda fun.. and Mick turn out to be a good baby sitter.

3. The Spectre vs Anti monitor….. First of all Green arrow becoming the Spectre was cool… I was so sad when he first died. And I thought that was basically it.

I was also worried about Mia continuing with the green arrow legacy but after watching season 8 episode 9 I was super impressed. Green arrow and the canaries might just be my next favorite arrowverse series(spin off) and the 3 ladies fighting together just made Charlie’s Angel’s a little less cool… It was epic.

4. The flash (Grant) meeting Justice league flash (Ezra Miller)…. I wasn’t expecting it but it was so worth it. Best cameo ever.. considering the fact that I didn’t enjoy justice league the first time I watched it.. but it was a wonderful surprise to see both flash in the same room and kinda made me to like justice league more.

But I wasn’t impressed with the Smallville cameo… I really thought they were doing to do much with his character since it was over emphasized in the spoilers that Smallville superman would be in the crossover.

5. Giant Beeboo fight… A throw back to DC legends of tomorrow season 3. ..

6. Ray Palmer meeting kingdom come superman was also cool…

7. Sara and Mia beating up Johnah hex…

Okay I think that’s enough crisis talk for now…

Thanks for reading and visiting…. See you next week.

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Nancy Ongom

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