‘No one is Born disable’

When we talk about disability it is very important to acknowledge that no one is Born disable but it’s rather the social construction of society that makes one disable and in one way or another we have all been guilty of discriminating people born different (with impairments). We have socially constructed people to be disable either directly or indirectly by failing to observe their rights.

Persons with disabilities (Impairments) face so many problems especially in regard to Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) an example is Health workers’ perceptions towards women with physical disability giving birth.

And other than the negative altitude from health workers, the society also looks at women with physical disability as sick and should not be allowed to give birth to more sick people (disabled children) not knowing that most forms of disability are not inherent.

Failure to understand sign language also affects womenwitg hearing Impairments when it comes to pregnancy and child birth thereby limiting their information on access yet everyone has equal rights to access information.

Thus we all need to work hard to implement projects and practices that ensure the inclusion of everyone by ensuring that their voices are heard.

For started as a SRHR practioner and activist, I have challenged myself to learn the Ugandan sign language (USL) … Thanks to SET-SRHR program cohort 8.

But I believe that there is also need for formal disability training and awareness raising to break the social construction of disability and ensuring inclusive planning and programing.

In conclusion, ” Disability should not be considered as a personal attribute and limited to impairment , but as a situation which results from interaction between the person and his or her environment, Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) are also sexual beings and have SRH needs and Rights”

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Nancy Ongom

I am Nancy Ongom a lawyer from Uganda and so passionate about Human Rights, SRHR ( sexual Reproductive Health and Rights) issues and generally change making. Making a simple effort everyday to create positive change in people's lives. I love to write and inspire people on my blog @nancy Ongom, Facebook page, and YouTube channel. To be updated... For now letswrite.

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