“Not all unemployed youth Needs Jobs”

Hey guy let’s get writing and reading… Here is something I wrote not long ago. Unemployment is still a big issue in most African countries.


Unemployment still remains the biggest problem in Uganda today especially among the youths. There are so many graduates with no jobs or source of income which makes the poverty rate to remain high.

Youths in Uganda are mainly unemployed because they lack access to formal jobs, the demand for jobs in Uganda exceeds supply, there is also limited access to internship opportunities which makes it harder for most youths to get the relevant experience yet most jobs demand several years of experience.

Most youths in Uganda also lack the necessary skills, qualifications and capacity to start up their own businesses.
Ending poverty is one of the 17 Global Goals that make up the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development and to do that in Uganda we need to find out the solutions to the main problem facing the youths which is unemployment.

But in order to do that, we first need to understand that not all unemployed youths need jobs because majority just needs capital and the necessary skills to start up their businesses.
Thus therefore, the main solutions to the overarching unemployment problems facing youths in Uganda and Africa includes among others;
Training youths in Agriculture; modernizing, commercializing and making Agriculture fun for the youths as it still remains the back born of Africa and the demand for Agricultural products are ever increasing.

It is also very important for the Government and companies to give recent graduates the opportunities to build up the skills and experience which is required in most job listings.
But basing on my personal experience as an ICS peer Educator and youth Reporter volunteering in the rural areas of Uganda I believe that the best solution to Uganda’s Youth unemployment issues and poverty eradication is “ensuring that Uganda’s youths are healthy, highly skilled and ready to take every challenges that may come their way”.

These can be done by everyone especially the youths working hand in hand with Government stakeholders. The peer Educators (Youth) can spread SRHR awareness to ensure that the Youths remain healthy and achieve their goals.

Governments and organizations can also train and equipped youths with necessary livelihood skills as well as providing them capital so that they can put their skills to use and start up businesses. This will enable the highly skilled trained youths to remain self sustainable and in the long run break the poverty chains.

In conclusion therefore, there is still more need to train and create more agents for change to inspire and build confidence in fellow youths so as to encourage them to work hard into spreading awareness about poverty as well as coming up with innovative solutions to poverty such that we eradicate poverty in all its forms.

Nancy Ongom.

Nancy Ongom

I am Nancy Ongom a lawyer from Uganda and so passionate about Human Rights, SRHR ( sexual Reproductive Health and Rights) issues and generally change making. Making a simple effort everyday to create positive change in people's lives. I love to write and inspire people on my blog @nancy Ongom, Facebook page, and YouTube channel. To be updated... For now letswrite.

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