Ode To Gratitude 

why is gratitude important?

What can I tell you about gratitude?

Let me try.

Gratitude is more than counting your blessings – it is feeling blessed to even have those blessings.

Gratitude is opening your heart and letting contentment in; it is noticing and correcting when you are driven to complain about trivialities.

Gratitude is thankfulness manifold times. It is you, humbled by your eyes, your ability to speak, to walk, to understand, to think. Then using your sight, your speech, your mobility, your mind for good.

It is the capacity to feel empathy for those without the blessings you have, without judgement, without arrogance, without gloating.

Let me tell you about gratitude.

Gratitude begets joy and hope and fortitude. It warms you when the nights are cold; it soothes the pangs of hunger when the cooking pots are empty.

Gratitude and thankfulness – cousins in good character and upright morals.

Gratitude shows itself in many ways, it comes in many shades and it wears many disguises. My task and yours is to search for as many we can find.

Says Allah the Almighty: “If you are thankful, surely I will increase you, ” Surah Abraham Verse 7

” Let gratitude be your garment to wear at times of ease and times of trouble. Let it colour the lens of your life – let it influence your actions.”~ A Mombasa Mommy.


Najma Abdusheikh

I am a mother of three, born and bred in Mombasa. I write as a means of navigating through life's laughs and challenges. I see a better world for us but only if we believe ourselves worthy enough to work towards it. Find me on amombasamommy.co.ke

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