OMAR AL BASHIR, The Daa’wah Maniac in Kenya


Who is Al-Hajj Omar Al Bashir?

Al-Hajj Omar Al Bashir was born Kennedy Otieno Ombat in a remote village at the Lake Victoria neighborhoods of Nyanza Province in the larger Western part of Kenya in East Africa. He was born to a Christian family and was bred the same. He graduated from the University of Tel-Aviv in Israel in 2002 with Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology and Forensics. He graduated in 2004 from a Theological College in Kenya with a Diploma in Christian Theology specializing in Missionary work and Apologetics. He was an ordained Pastor and began his Christian Ministry in the Coastal town of Mombasa Kenya.

Al-Hajj Omar Al Bashir reverted to Islam on the 27th February 2005 after a month long interactive discussions in the open with Muslim propagators and eventually couldn’t deny the truth further. He was immediately admitted to Majlis Al Maarif Al Islamiiya in the Coastal region in Kenya and graduated in the year 2008. He holds a Master’s Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy from the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg in South Africa in 2018. He further holds a Bachelor’s Degree in the Faculty of Daa’wah from Azhar University in Egypt.

Al-Hajj Omar Al Bashir has seen many achievements directly and indirectly in the field of Daawah not only in his homeland Kenya but globally too. In the end of the year 2017 he alongside his Daawah Partner, Engineer Abdurahman Abdulghany, a young vibrant debater in comparative Daa’wah and a Mecatronics Engineer in Kenya, managed to convert 387 men and women in Polokhwane area in South Africa. The same trend was replicated in Lusaka Zambia where they did the first ever Comparative debate and managed to convert a sizable number of people before doing the same in Zimbabwe too. Swaziland and Lesotho are awash with their converts and students. In Manilla Philipines, the dynamic Duo managed to convince and convert as many people into embracing Islam and the number keeps growing.

Al-Hajj Omar Al Bashir is a practicing Criminal Forensic Scientist besides being a seasoned Daa’wah Activist both in Kenya and Africa at large. By his own words, he confesses that he spends less time in the forensic lab than he does on the fields of Daa’wah. To say the least, we see another Dr. Zakir Naik of Africa who downed his Surgical tools for teaching the Quran and Daa’wah in General. Sheikh Omar introduces Islam to the rural villages of Africa and the result is amazing.

  • In September the 9th 2017, he managed to convince a whole church of the Last Call Appeal Church headed by Bishop Charles Okwany and all embraced Islam in his hands. 77 members embraced Islam and many more followed.
  • On the 14th February 2019, as he was officiating over the opening of the new Mosque which was a former church, he managed to preach to his Luo tribesmen and allured them into the religion of Allah.
  • 2019 has been his best year of harvesting that has realized 5 churches closing their doors and embracing Islam. Single handedly he has preached and convinced pastors and bishops in his rural area to accept Islam and as we went to press, over 8000 man and women have embraced Islam in his hands directly this year only.
  • Al-Hajj Omar Al Bashir has established a strong Daa’wah network in Kenya and is the C.E.O of Greenfield Society, the Daawah outfit under which he carries out his operations in Kenya, and is an authority in Daa’wah and the right reference if one was to consider visiting East Africa for any Daa’wah activity.
  • He is an author worth mentioning having authored 6 book titles and several academic papers and articles; 4 of his books being in his native Luo Language and the remaining two in English. His latest books: Slaying in the name of the Lord, and, Slavery, Terrorism and Islam are yet to be launched early next year Inshaallah.
  • Al-Hajj Omar Al Bashir is the First scholar in the history of Islam in Kenya to have translated the entire Glorious Quran from Arabic to Luo Language; spoken by over 10 million individuals in east Africa. This piece of achievement has made him be recorgnized by top most Kenyan Muslim Scholars and the general public too.

Al-Hajj Omar Al Bashir is also the President of the African Reverts Foundation, a body he helped found which champions for the rights of the Reverts in Africa with the headquarters in NAIROBI Kenya. He is a family man and the proud father of 6 children, 2 boys and 4 girls

Al-Hajj Omar Al Bashir
C.E.O, Greenfield Society, Kenya
President, African Revert Foundation.

Facebook: Omar Al Bashir
📱+254 702 440 088, +254 733 502 240
Twitter: @Omar78Sheikh

Email:  or



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